Artificial General Intelligence

Automorph is creating artificial general intelligence (AGI): Computer programs that are potentially capable of understanding, learning, and doing anything.

Using our AI, you can automate tasks and build software across all platforms extremely rapidly and more reliably than any human developer could.

We're doing this to empower anyone to do more and novel, previously unimagined things with digital devices more rapidly and we use it to help companies and founders automate and accelerate their software development and general business processes.

Our symbolic AI is based on the upper ontology and programming language Morph that we created. You can use it to represent any semantic network of knowledge, including computer programs.

We have also created the cross-platform application framework CSAM and the Platform-as-a-Service management software ClusterSquare.

Together, these tools enable us to improve the quality of software and user interfaces to make computers more usable and useful for anyone.

A lot of our software will be released as open source as we aim to create an open and trustworthy computing platform.

Together, we can create the tools to make our lives more enjoyable and to make world run better.

Check back here for updates or email us at [email protected].